Scoop Masters Pet Sitting Service

Scoop Masters is now helping you take care of your pets while you're on vacation! Why go through the expense and hassle of boarding your pet when they can stay in the comfort of their own home? Unlike pet sitting, the common kennel experience may involve your pet spending several hours a day inside a jail, uh, I mean cage – confused, scared and away from home. They might be released from “pet penitentiary” only for limited times during the day. Wouldn’t you rather your dog or cat remain in the comfort of their very own home, with their favorite toys as well as in familiar surroundings? Not only does in home pet sitting typically cost less than boarding, but you get the assurance that your home is also being taken care of while your gone.

Sometimes our lives just get busy, and it can adversely affect our pets. There are many reasons use a pet sitter, such as, traveling, vacation, business trip, or simply working long hours. Now you can relieve yourself of the burden of finding a neighbor or friend to care for your dog, cat or other pets, or planning a trip to the local kennel or boarding facility. Use someone your dog knows year round... call Scoop Masters Pet Sitting Services and leave your pets at home in their own secure and familiar space.

With in Home Pet Sitting:

  • You minimizes your pet's exposure to communicable diseases;
  • Owners do not have to be inconvenienced by relocating their pets;
  • We play with your pet’s favorite toy... and your pet;
  • Pets do not have to experience the trauma of traveling;
  • Pets are happiest and less stressed at home, surrounded by their familiar environment and following a customary diet and routine;
  • Pet sitters provide extra security by monitoring the home and maintaining a lived-in look;
  • Pets receive personal loving attention of a pet sitter;
  • We provide text message or email updates on your pet(s) while you're away;
  • A pet visit report will also be provided upon request.
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