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At Scoop Masters, we're more than just a pooper scooper company. We provide a wide variety of pet related services, like pet waste removal for HOAs, parks and communities. Click on the images below to get more details about the variety of services we offer.

Our Basic Service

Everything we do to keep your property dog poop free!

Homeowners Assoc's

Find out how to keep your HOA dog poop free.

Cat Box Service

Cats poop too! Let us help you keep their box clean.

Pet Waste Station Maintenance

Information on keeping your pet waste stations clean, stocked and functional.

Pet Sitting in Santa Clarita

In case you missed it on the home page, we pet sit in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Odor Control with Enzyme Technology

We can provide additional odor control with OdorMute or for artificial turf, Zeolite natural deodorizer.

Our Basic Service

It's really quite simple, we come to your home on a regular basis and pick up what your dog leaves behind - dog poop. We can provide service 1 to 5 days a week or we can do a one time cleaning for that special occasion. Going on vacation? We can service your property while you're gone. We clean, disinfect and hose off dog runs, we scoop hillsides, patios, roof tops, (yeah, we've done roof tops) bike paths, parks, homeowners associations and more. We can even remove the pet waste from your property if desired.

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Homeowners Associations

Keeping your homeowners association's common areas dog poop free can be a challenge. We can help! Whether you need pet waste stations, regular dog poop cleaning or both, we can doo it. We'll walk your grounds and remove the dog waste from all common areas. If you want pet waste stations, we sell several different brands to fit your needs. Free estimates, free proposals. On a tight budget? We'll find a solution to fit your needs. Leasing your property gets easier when the new tenants know that a pet waste removal company is used to control the dog poop problems. Contact us today!

Odor Control

What's the point on having your pet waste removed if it smells like it's still there? That's why we provide an additional service using OdorMute to control pet waste odors organically. It's safe for your pets and with enzyme technology, removes the odor on a molecular level.
Do you have artificial turf? Ask about our Zeolite applications to help control odors for months at a time. Zeolite is a natural deodorizer that absorbs odors from pet urine that is completely safe for your pets.

Pet Waste Station Maintenance

Our pet waste station maintenance includes visiting the stations on a regular basis and replenishing the dog waste bags, emptying the trash cans, cleaning off the bird poop and minor repairs. We install pet waste stations throughout Southern California, provide regular maintenance in our regular service area and conduct nation wide sales. We also sell a variety of dog poop bags and pet waste stations at competitive prices.

Pet Sitting

Scoop Masters is now helping you take care of your pets while you're on vacation! Why go through the expense and hassle of boarding your pet when they can stay in the comfort of their own home? Unlike pet sitting, the common kennel experience may involve your pet spending several hours a day inside a jail, uh, I mean cage – confused, scared and away from home. They might be released from “pet penitentiary” only for limited times during the day. Wouldn’t you rather your dog or cat remain in the comfort of their very own home, with their favorite toys as well as in familiar surroundings? Not only does in home pet sitting typically cost less than boarding, but you get the assurance that your home is also being taken care of while your gone. For more details, visit our pet sitting page.

Cat Box Service

Tired of cleaning your cat box? We can help! Cat box service includes emptying your cat box(es), cleaning them, and replenishing the cat litter. You can provide the cat litter or we can. Do you have a cat room? We can help clean that too. Just call us for details, or email us.

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