What exactly do we do?

Scoop Masters is a 3/4 service home and pet care provider. 3/4?? OK, we are not a full service home and pet care provider because we don’t do overnight stays. If your pet can’t bear sleeping alone all night, then maybe you should take them with you on vacation, or find a sitter that provides overnight stays. However, we are a wonderful alternative to kennels, boarding at your vet, or relying on your neighbor’s kids to watch your pets and home while you’re away. Your pets are our highest priority, and will be lovingly cared for in your absence.

How do I get started with your service?

The first time you use us, please call at least 5-7 days before your trip. Of course you can call months in advance. A consultation in your home will be scheduled at that time. It will give you the opportunity to meet us. All the information needed to care for your pets and home will be carefully written down, along with a service agreement for you to look over and sign. All of this takes approximately 1/2 hour. Keys and half payment are required at that time. It's highly recommended that you leave keys on file with us for your future trips. All forms and keys will be kept confidential and in private files, and only require being completed once.

In the future, pet care is just a phone call away. It's preferred to give as much notice as possible to reserve your pet sitting service, but every effort is made to accommodate emergencies and short notice trips. Your keys can be returned at the end of our service, but a key pick-up fee will be required the next time you use us.

I've used another service. They have a high turnover rate, I never know who will show up.

You won’t have to worry about that with us since we are owner operated, family owned, small time and personable. It is our intent to only service select clients since we do all the work our selves. Knowing that you are more comfortable with the same person caring for your pets and home, your sitter will always be the same person... my wife and I. You and your pets will be able to build a lasting relationship with us, your sitter. If an emergency comes up with us, we have available a short back up list of professional, qualified pet sitters to help out. And we do the same for them, because in this business...stuff happens! You will always be informed if this happens.

Are your vehicles marked or have signs on them?

We value and respect your privacy. Our trucks don’t mention pet sitting, just pooper scooper service. So you don’t have to be concerned about a pet sitter vehicle parked in front of your house while you’re away. Did I mention that we’re small time and personable?

Why should I use you rather than my neighbor or the kid down the street? They do it for free or very cheap.

True, you could use a neighbor or the “kid down the street”. But, if you were totally comfortable with those options, you wouldn't be reading this page right now. With us, you are hiring a trained, insured & bonded, reliable and loving pet care provider. We provide a premium service that others can't offer.

Will my dog get walked while I'm away?

Yes, we will gladly walk your dog if you desire.

Will you clean up after my dogs?

Of course! We’ve been picking up dog poop for over 20 years and it is our main line of service. Not only on the outside, but inside the house too. We bring our own cleaning supplies to take care of those accidents, the same cleaning method we use in major hotels when we take care of guide dogs at the American Council of the Blind's National Conference.

Do you administer medication to my pets?

Yes, we administer any necessary medications but this is dependent on your pet's temperament. At this time we will not accept clients whose pet requires a shot from a hyper dermic needle.

How far in advance can I set up service?

Usually 5 - 7 days ahead of time should be sufficient, less for returning customers whose keys and information we already have. For holiday service, it is best to confirm service 3-4 weeks in advance as clients are confirmed first come first serve.

What experience do you have?

We’ve personally raised cats, dogs, rats, hamsters, gerbils, birds and fish for most of our lives. We currently have a 15 year old Lab and a 7 year old Jack Russell that we found in a dumpster when it was just a few days old. (Yes, he still jumps up at least waist high!) We keep up to date on pet nutrition and are a distributor for Flint River Ranch Health Pet Foods. Through a national trade organization, (www.apaws.org) we attend yearly conventions that includes workshops pertaining to pet care and health issues.

How long has Scoop Masters been in business?

We’ve been in business since 1988. However, we just recently included pet sitting to our list of services. It just seems like a natural fit and our customers keep asking about it.

What do you charge for service?

Visit our pet sitting rates page here: Rates

When do I pay for services?

We require half the amount due up front as a deposit, with the remainder due upon return from travel. (All up front of you’re going to Las Vegas or Atlantic City!)

Do you accept credit cards, checks or cash?

Yes. You may pay by what ever means you prefer. Credit cards are processed through PayPal and you do not have to be a member to use it. We'll email you an invoice to pay online quickly and efficiently. Cash... with two forms of ID.

What area do you serve?

Most of the Santa Clarita Valley, including Canyon Country, Newhall, Valencia, Saugus and Stevenson Ranch.

Can you contact me every day, either by phone, text or by email - is that possible?

Yes, we can send you a text or email each day and update you with any concerns we have. Otherwise, they will be a generic contact letting you know we were at your home.

Are you a member of any professional organizations related to this field?

Yes, We are founding members of aPaws.org and members of Pet Sitters Associates, LLC

Do you provide Service Contracts & Veterinary Authorization for Treatment forms?

Of course. These will be gone over and signed during the consultation visit.

Are you an owner operator or do you have employees you will be sending to care for my pet(s)?

As I mentioned above, we are owner operated by myself and my wife. We have been in the pet care industry for over 20 years and at the repeated requests of our current customers we are now providing this service on a limited basis. We will not accept everyone who request service as we want to be able to provide high quality care for everyone, and we can’t do that if we have 20 stops a day! Hmm, let’s see 20 stops a day at 30 minutes a stop on average plus drive time would be over 14 hours a day. Nope, sorry. We won’t do that! That’s why it’s first come first serve. So make reservations as far in advance as you can!

Are You Ready to Get Started!

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