Pet Sitting Rates

We do more than pet sit while youre away, we also:

  • Clean water and food dish;
  • Replenish water and food;
  • Play with your pet’s favorite toy... and your pet;
  • Scoop poop outdoors (Of course!);
  • Clean any indoor accidents;
  • Observation of pet's health, safety and well being;
  • Give treats with your permission;
  • Collection of daily mail and newspaper;
  • Taking your garbage out to the curb on specified days;
  • General overview of home - check for broken sprinklers, check windows and entry ways;
  • Adjust household lighting and blinds for security purposes;
  • Administer medication, shots, if needed;
  • Watering and caring of indoor plants. (Additional fee may apply)

santa clarita valley pet sitting inage

Initial Consultation / key pick up $15.00
* Not required for current clients
* We want to meet you and your pet(s)
* This is the time to explain any special needs for your pet
* A little Q & A time if needed
* Fill out necessary forms
* Obtain a key prior to first visit

Key Pick Up/Drop Off (if not done at initial consultation) $15

$35.00 per visit; (not including walk)
$5.00 per visit for each additional dog;
$3.00 per day for watering/feeding each additional pet including cats, each fish tank, rodent cage (Ok - Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster, Gerbil, Rat) reptile or bird cage.

$35.00 per visit;
$3.00 per visit for each additional cat.
$3.00 per day for watering/feeding each additional pet including: each fish tank, rodent cage reptile or bird cage.
In addition to Basic Vacation Care Service:
Clean litter box, hang around a little while so the cat can ignore us.

Plant care only: $15 - $25 per day depending on number of plants.

Holidays: Extra $10.00 to base rate.
Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day.

Before / After hours fee $10.00 per day
Before 8:00 AM and After 8:00 PM

30 Minute Dog Walk - $25.00:
* If you want your dog to get out for a little daytime P-Mail.
(Not for Vacation Care Service customers)

15 Minute drop in service - $15.00 per visit:
* Stop by your place and pet your dog! (Always wondered if I could get paid for petting dogs);
* A quick P-Mail break;
* Typically for apartment/ condo pet owners.
(Not for Vacation Care Service customers)

Recommended Basic Vacation Care Service Visits:
Cats - Recommend 1 or more daily visits;
Dogs - Recommend minimum 2 daily visits;
Recommend 3 daily visits - for puppies, elderly dogs, dogs without doggie doors and dogs in crates/pens.

Services and fees are subject to change.
Availability for holidays is not guaranteed unless arrangement and payment is made in advance.

Service areas include: Santa Clarita Valley, Canyon Country, Saugus, Newhall, Stevenson Ranch and Valencia

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